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Welcome to LinXter home. Linux has now completed it's decade and has grown to a complete and huge operating system. The travel of Linux from a shell to complete graphical desktop was just because of the open source developer community. Thousands of developers have contributed Linux, and I Salute to Them!

Day by day the need of computational power is increasing. Perticularly in the fields of research and developement this is desperately needed. In 90's many developers and researchers came with concept of parallel computing. They thought that will be a perfect solution for increasing needs but unfortunately after working a lot they realized the complexities in it. Then few years ago there was a new concept introduced called cluster. Now a days many companies are wrestling for just the definition of the cluster. Clustering is actually the right solution for changing needs of computing. But now a days people are looking at clusters as a money saving and easy solution also.

IBM is now undergoing construction of Blue Gene/L which is Linux based cluster and having capacity of processing 350 TeraFlops approx. OSCAR and ROCKS are complete solutions of Linux cluster and are belonging to the open-source community. LinXter is another open-source project which aims at a cluster using Linux. More technical details about LinXter can be found in the documentation section.

Fig: LinXter Conceptual Architecture

The main focus of LinXter is that it is a Cluster which is built using the Linux operating system. The aim of this project is LinXter, should be simplest cluster to be install and configure for a normal level user so that, it will be also helpful in reducing pains of expert administrators. For that we are going to have many changes in the existing concepts and implementations of the Cluster. This project is started with a hope that we will be able to work together and will give a precious perl of Linux cluster to the Linux user community.

On this website information about LinXter is provided in brief in Concept section. The documentation can be found in the Documentation section for online viewing and in Download section for downloading.

The articles contributed by developers are provided in section Articles (under construction!). If you are a Linux user and wish to involve in this project then you are most welcome. As you know this project is an open-source project hence it needs lot of developers and resources. Thanks to for providing resources to us. We hope you will also be interested in involving this project. For joining this project please visit Be a Part page.

If you do not wish to involve in this project directly then you may also get updated news about this project. Where you can also get updated documentation and also release notes.

Every user is requested to leave a message or comment to us as a feedback. Let us know wheather we have to improve ourself in any concern.

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